Welcome to Jun and Annoelle's Profile Page!!!

Well, hello there fellow Wattpad-ers and readers! I'm Annoelle and I share this account with my bestie Jun.

5 Things I Absolutely Love:


-My Family, despite my bratty siblings....

-Jun. He's friggin' awesome!!!

-Coming up with crazy run-on sentences in my brain that eventually turn into stories or ideas for our stories posted here on this very beautifully orange-iconed website. (~‾⌣‾)~

-Finally... MEETING NEW PEOPLE!!! So message us! I swear I'm actually cool and not just a weirdo!


2 Things I Just Can't Stand:

-Cigarette smoke. BLECKKK! (I have horrible asthma)

-Being hot. I hate the heat. I wish I lived in Antarctica where the penguins roam. Global warming is doin' too much. It needs to chill and just let the penguins rule their icy kingdom with the Ice King (ADVENTURE TIMEEEEEEEE!!!)

Okay, Jun's turn.


Hi, I'm Julian, otherwise known as Jun. I'll try my best to make my "about me" not as awkward as my first one.

I'm a little better at talking about myself so let's do this... er... WOOT!

5 Things That I Fancy (Like a Sir):

-Sleep. *Honkshoo Honkshoo* In my freetime, I'm either sleeping, gaming, or writing for you guys ;)

-Like Annoelle, my family. (─‿─)

-The gorgeous, Annoelle herself. She's awesome B)

-Learning new languages

-And lastly, I too, like to meet new people. My personality is much more mild in comparison to Annoelle. It's a good balance, I say. So please message us! If Annoelle gets too crazy, I can be like a palette cleanser with some chill conversation. <( ̄︶ ̄)>


2 Things I Find Utterly Insufferable:

-When people try to feed me. (Just stop. I know how to feed myself, thank you.)

-Uncultured, ignorant people. I don't hate, but they can be extremely annoying.


Without further ado, please enjoy our stories!!!

Just a Silly Question: Do you think the toucans are strangely beautiful?
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Description: Without any warning, his head dipped low and pecked me on the cheek, catching the tiny corner of my mouth. When he came back up, his eyes snapped open to reveal the mischievous, playful look embedded there. After my shock had dissolved, I glared har...

Just finished pretty much rewriting one of our crappiest chapters, #2! Hahahahaha, *nudge, nudge* get it? Yeah, I know I'm lame. 
      But, seriously. Please check it out and give me your honest feedback! I really think this revised version gives Renna a much more solid personality to build off of. 
      Also, I'm sorry Jun and I have been nonexistant authors for the past 4 months!