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Wah Gwan? Lol Wassup!?Im just like everyone on here! Writing stories! Request a story! Tell me what celeb you wanna see in a story? Or tell me which story is your favorite! Dont be afraid to vote and comment on my stories! The feedback motivates me to write more! Fan me and thanks for reading 1-4-3 ^_^

I plan to be a famous singer ^.^

P.S. IM IN LOVE WITH DOMO! (As you can tell by my name ^_^)


^ They are some BOMB ass people with BOMB ass stories! Check em out! <3

____██________ ██____
______██____ ██______

BE YOU ^__^

Credits to Momo for making this saying ^

ALSO: I only fan people who story I read and like, You can ask me to READ your story! I will and If I like it I fan but PLEASE dont ask for a fan back cause unless I read your story I wont fan back. Sorry!

Finished Books
It All Started With A Tour (RATCHETTT STORY I hate it but yall seem to love it so *shrug*)
Call me Crazy (I got ALOT better, thats one of my best works to me)

In Progress-
My Everything (Its SEMI Ratchet, its okay I guess im starting to hate it too lol and its ending soon)
Til My Lungs Collapse (One of my BEST works, oh I love it ^.^)

Sequel to TMLC (Great chance of this happening)
A sequel (that will be much better) to IASWAT MAYBE.


'Til My Lungs Collapse . . ♥ [ON HOLD]

'Til My Lungs Collapse . . ♥ [ON HOLD]

27 parts / 66 pages, updated Oct 26, 2013R
Deanna Jas'Mariee Smith, A name that has no meaning to you, for now. From a young age I had alot on my plate, and one night it went too far for ... read more
254,754 reads votes 4,304 comments 1,497
My Everything ♥ [EDITING]

My Everything ♥ [EDITING]

33 parts / 45 pages, updated Apr 28, 2013R
Jacob Perez never thought he would be in this predicament. He has 5 close friends, Roc, Prod, Ray, Dee, and Nakia. He told Prod to bring his girlfriend ove... read more
225,571 reads votes 1,827 comments 710
Call Me Crazy (Short Story)

Call Me Crazy (Short Story)

6 parts / 7 pages, updated Dec 01, 2012PG-13Completed
I've done all I can for him, i really have but I cant take it anymore. I have to turn my little boy in..... Te Amo Jacob but you have to go...... -Theresa You thought I was gone forever? You got ANOTHER thing coming ma. -Jacob
42,200 reads votes 873 comments 385
My HighSchool Life? Crazy. [On Hold]

My HighSchool Life? Crazy. [On Hold]

11 parts / 19 pages, updated Feb 21, 2012PG-13
Step into the crazy life of 5 best friends. Things never go to well when celebrities are involved.
54,846 reads votes 295 comments 101
It All Started With A Tour

It All Started With A Tour

60 parts / 74 pages, updated Jan 23, 2012PG-13Completed
Teenage life is NEVER peachy when it comes to Deanna. When things get crazy her bestfriends step in. You may think the more the merrier! In this case? You are mistaken.(WARNING: Sometimes can be Rated R)
726,425 reads votes 3,037 comments 628
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Hard To Forget.™
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Destinee irritates mee -.- but I love how open Iggy is being. Destinee needs a grip on life though.
Never Ever

This made me happy :) she has everyone, all the boys! I hope you make a sequel I mean only if you can think of something's to make it about!...
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OMG I WASS GONNA KILL YOU IF THAT WAS THE ACTUAL END! Cant wait for the epilogueeee :D
Struggles of a Fangirl

Yesss Igggyyyy
Never Ever

I honestly dont know what to expect now but that dream was wild! I cant wait for the end :D
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