My name is Jayde. I like to read books, watch TV, listen to music and watch the youtubers.

YouTubers are holding me together at the moment. Some of my favourites are Thatcherjoe, PointlessBlog, Zoella, Lukeisnotssexy, Emma Blackery and many more. Also, Patty Walters will forever be a YouTuber to me!

I would right a list of bands I really like but they are constantly changing but I'm really into pop punk at the moment, but chuck in some metalcore and hardcore music here and there and a lot of dance and techno crap and I will be just lovely.

I have little to no confidence and I honestly hate myself so much, but the YouTubers above and a lot of the bands I listen to have been helping me a lot lately. So thanks for those dudes for helping me get and keep my shit together!

Love you guys! Stay strong! Have a nice day! Have a nice night, just have a nice everything!! <3
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