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Undercover Love ( A Ray Ray Love Story )

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Description: This story is about a woman who works for the FBI. She ends up on an undercover mission one day that she does not approve of. What happens when she has to one day kill the man she has fallen in love with ( Rayon Smith ) .. Read on to find out .....


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Catch Me If You Can ( A Mindless Behavior Love Story ) [ ON HOLD ]

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PHDID ( A Mindless Behavior Story )

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iGoMindless4RR commented on Broken and Beaten - Trouble

CAMILLA X ZAIRE ALL DAY! Kingston cool and all but I'm feeling Zaire, for now at least lol. So glad u updated girl! But first off, why didn't anyone tell me Camilla had them hands?? I swear I thought she was gone kill Hazel. And what pisses me off more is that Hazel didn't even learn her lesson about fxcking with the wrong ppl.. She just gets back up and comes up with another dumb plan to get Kingston (who doesn't want her in the first place) I swear I can't deal with this delusional girl. Smh. I was waiting for somebody to walk in on Camilla and Kingston.. I just wasn't expecting Chris . We all know Chris is low-key protective over Camilla so Kingston better watch his back lol. But this was another great chapter as always and I'll be waiting for the next update 

iGoMindless4RR commented on Broken and Beaten - New Attraction

First off R.I.P Freddy E! Secondly, I think I'm liking Zaire a little more than Kingston right now because the way he talked to her between classes didn't sit right with me. Plus he grabbed her arm like she was wrong for ignoring him or something. It's a big misunderstanding with the whole Hazel and Kingston situation, and Camilla honestly needs to listen to what he has to say.. Eventually. Lol but I'm soooo glad u updated cus I've been waiting foreveerrrrrr to read this book again. This chapter was great as usual and I'm ready to read the upcoming drama in the next chapter ! Update soon!

-Aiyanna ❤️
iGoMindless4RR commented on Broken and Beaten - Storm Brewing

Lol I swear your books give me life girl! I had to pause everything I was doing just to read this . But on another note, I love the drama that's brewing ! I'm ready for the next chapter like asap. I'm really glad that we got to see why Chris is always such a jerk, and even though he shouldn't  hold that anger towards his sister, I don't blame him for being mad cus he lost his child and the love of his life at once. Hazel need to get that azz beat one good time cus obviously she doesn't get the hint... She better not try Camilla unless she want a death wish lol update soonnn pleaseee. 

iGoMindless4RR commented on Broken and Beaten - 24 Hours

It's getting better and better as always ! I hope she hears him out cus it wasn't fully his fault in the situation but at the same time he could've pushed her off a little bit earlier smh. I'm hoping that whatever type of "friendship/relationship" that they have going on doesn't fall apart because of this situation. And I reallllllyyyyyy hope that Chris isn't an a-hole this time towards Camilla cus that's the last thing she needs right now. He should really show that protective and caring side that I know he has but just doesn't show it towards Camilla. This was really great! And I'm ready as always for the next chapter.  pleaseeee update SOON! Lol