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I love to read.... obviously. I also love music. Either playing, singing, or listening to it. I might be random at times and can also have some awesome sarcastic remarks. ;) I have 2 siblings, 2 parents and 1 awesome snowy white dog. And since u have taken the time to read my description i shall give u an imaginary cookie :0. Have a good day! :D

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I really like this book! It is so cool! Keep writing!
Bite Me

I love this story so much! But you haven't uploaded for a while and I thought you had officially stopped writing this book. :( I was sad. You have...
Last Resort

U r the best writer EVER! I so love what u did there. So creative. :D

That was a total cliff hanger! I think I died a little inside when I didn't get to read what happens next. You are such a wonderful writer and...
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