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blind love // ziam *slow updates*

Social data: 143K reads. 5.5K votes. 1.2K comments.

Description: liam payne is blind and bullied

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falling for him // ziall

falling for him // ziall

1M 19.1K 4K

Life in an university is full of ups and downs and twists and turns. But, even with so many ups and down...

my step-brother's best friend // ziam

my step-brother's best friend // ziam

792K 18.1K 3.4K

Young Liam Payne was left as an orphan at a young age and was forced into an orphanage, little did he kn...

visiting zayn // zouis

visiting zayn // zouis

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zayn malik gets in a tragic car accident and ends up in a deathly coma. louis tomlinson, fellow band mat...

he's just an illusion // narry

he's just an illusion // narry

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schizophrenia - (schiz·o·phre·ni·a) a severe mental disorder characterized by delusions, hallucinati...

JohnCoronity posted a message to hugsfromziam
Like I said I think you should do a project on Avril Lavigne and Harry Styles.. If you read "The Taxi (9G24)" you'll get my gist.. It's a good story but needs a lot of editing.. 

But if not I recommend another Ziall fanfic cause that's just like perf...
hi guys, i need your help and opinion!! first off i just want to say i love you guys a lot!!! second of all, i'm starting a new story as i'm not very inspired to write "blind love" at the moment and i feel bad not giving you guys more of my work!! bc not being inspired in one book shouldn't be a reason as for me to not give you more of my work.

now this is where you guys come in!! i want to know what pairing you guys would be more interested in!! would you want the story to be ziam, ziall, narry, larry, etc.... or should it be boyxgirl or what do you guys want to read??? 
the title of the story is: "The Truth Behind Soulmates" and it has a very intriguing plot!! :) the faster i get your guy's opinions, the faster i'll get the first chapter through to you guys!! i love you all!! thank you so much for everything! :) love you all!!!
i am so sorry i have not updated.  i am extremely busy with school. i will update during thanksgiving. thanks for understanding. i hope you all have had a lovely couple of days :)