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You know, I kind of hate the way you write, I mean, you take this pretty ordinary story of a talented girl with daddy issues and add a young Mr...
Graceful Deception

Oh my god, haha, I was looking at my library page and I was like, "Wtf, why is there a Niall Horan fan fic on it?! where did that come...
I Sold Myself to the Devil ...

@SafyWolf aah, i just asked about this last (or two?) chapter(s ago) but now i see (no pun intended) how she knows what colour her clothes are -...
Was Blind, But Now I See

hmm, how does she know what colour her clothes are? i get the feeling vibrations and hearing and stuff, but should she know colours? (also, her...
Was Blind, But Now I See

awesome chapter! made these carrot muffins the other day, healthy, easy to make (yeah i just bought the juice and tahini), and really filling, so...
The Bad Boy's Girl