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I'm Emily. I'm an overly-caffeinated teenage cheerleader, who's obsessed with Twizzlers and cupcakes. I'll be a junior this fall! I love to write, I also paint, and sing in the shower. I'm part British. I like the vintage fifties' music and color. I love Jesus and peanut butter. My best friend is a cat that has no name. I am a huge fan of Myth Busters, and would like to try their experiments at home someday. My brother is a genius, blond and blue-eyed and every girl's dream husband. I've got way too many Starbucks gift cards in my wallet. I love manicures, lipstick and the color pink. I'm 5'1", and done growing. Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and Teen Wolf are my ish. Swag?

Joshua 1:9
"This is my command: be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."
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The Bad Boy's A Superhero

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Description: “If you’re a hero, then why are you running?” I pause in the drizzling rain. “Only people who have something to hide wear masks.” I whisper. I place my palm on his cheek, wondering what he would do if I were to pull the mask away. “I ne...

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Expressions Of Love

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Princess of the Pack

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That was when I saw him. He was devastatingly beautiful. He had dark hair like most of the pack...but he...

SM_book_anime posted a message to hiphop4em
Please update The Bad Boys a Superhero!!! I've been waiting and waiting for more than two months! I love your writing so much and finding really good books is really hard… for me at least! 

Please update!!!
LynnEatsThings posted a message to hiphop4em
When are you ganna update the bad boys a superhero?I've been picking pedals of of flowers being like she will update she will update not.SO PLEAASSEEE I'M ON MY KNEES
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I am so sorry for always following you and unfollowing and following again :D here's what TRULY happens :D I open your story on my phone and then click your name to check your message board incase you have wrote a message and :D :D when it won't open I press like thousand times and when it does I always just accidentally end up clicking the 'follow' button and that it why I unfollow you and then follow you so please... Don't get mad :D :D I initially want to follow you but it's all my phones doing as you can tell I'm just very very very slightly impatient *innocent smile*