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I'm a fun-loving,sassy chick who just so happens to love,LOve,LOVE to read. I'm really easygoing and outgoing,and I love to make friends!

Things I Like
1.) Video Games (esp. The Sims 3, World of Warcraft, etc.)
2.) Books of course :-)
3.) Music (I will listen to about anything long as it has the type of beat to it that I'm looking for at the moment)
4.) Sweets (I have a GINORMOUS sweet tooth! Though I don't like candy that much.......'cept chocolate)
5.) Animal Planet (yes the channel; 90% of the time my TV is on, it stays here)
6.) GLEE (I am a HUGGEEE Gleek)
7.) Superhero Cartoons (Things like Young Justice, etc.) 

I'ma stop here as I have already gone over how many things I was gonna put up.  I was just gonna do a Top 5. :-)

Things I Don't Like
1.) When people are ignorant, but think they know everything
2.) Stupidity (Hmmmmm maybe #1 covers it all)
3.) Being mean just to be mean
4.) Bashing someone's story when it's obvious they put a lot of time into it. (If you don't like it, don't read it. Just that simple)
5.) Hypocrisy 

This is just a little glimpse into the complexity that is MEEEEE, the awesome......well, me since I don't wanna put my name lol.  Just call me GlitterBunny.........on second thought, DON'T call me that. lol




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