I found this site at random and love it! theres so many good writers here with awsome storys. Its so tempting to sit here all day with my computer and read them lol. Ive put up 2 of my own stories, and i hope everyone who reads them enjoys them. 

:) about me huh.... kinda pointless to say what i like but it will fill up some space so why not! :)

i like...
ice skating
volley ball
reading, watching, and drawing manga and anime
reading books
writing stories
playing games like Sims, Kingdom Hearts, Mario... (havent played any in reallllll longgggg time though but still like them)
hmm what else..oh ya
chocolate (seriously who dosent like chocolate! haha! )

Well i think thats a long enough list :) lol
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    Up, up and beyond in the kingdom at the end of the rainbow!
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The Kissing Game

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Description: "I play the game at my own risk. From this point on i play the kiss. A favour do I owe to you, if I pull away too soon. Fail should I to pay the price, I shall face the promised vice. To Cupids Council do I swear, to play the game if I...

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Never eat candy from a fairy.

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