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Name Roxanne
Location Caribbean Islander :D
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I'm Roxanne :D

I absolutely love reading stories on here..I stay up for HOURS just sitting & looking for
I'm a reader, not a writer..but I guess you already figured that out..

I mostly like romance,teen fiction,werewolf,humor..those kinda stories

I think I'm good with grammar and spelling so if you want me to edit anything send me a message :)

I LOVE music,my family (although they're a pain lol),Godnt ,my friends,the BEACH,FOOD
I Hate cheaters,liars,pretentious people..
Basically..if you're nice to me i'll be nice to you :D

BTW send me some stories to read, preferably completed or have a substantial amount of chapters..
I don't read historical fiction or horror, sorry :/
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