Hey guys :) 

I'm 19 now, which is way older than I feel, and I guess I just wanted to share a little bit about myself with you (in a list form, because that's way easier to read).

1. I'm currently studying at the university of Waterloo. 
2. My most favourite activities involve reading, writing, playing the guitar and hanging out with friends. I'm not great at the second and third, but I'm working on them. 
3. I like healthy foods. Not to be skinny or anything- they just taste better. 
4. I call people hon sometimes but I'll always call you guys my lovelies. 
5. I try to always make adventures happen. Life goes too fast in my opinion. I'd like to slow it down to smell the roses. 
6. I've got more than a week of music on my iPod and I know the lyrics to at least half the songs. Makes me wonder what I could do with that memory if I didn't occupy it with stuff like that, haha.

Wow- that was long! Sorry, I really don't mean to ramble. In case you're wondering about my writing: 

I've been writing since I was a little girl but I just starting letting others read about three years ago. Five years back me and a friend decided we'd write 7 books about high school kids (which are still in progress) and ever since then I've been obsessed with writing. I also somehow won the wattys in undiscovered romance in 2013/2012 year, which was super cool! 

Anywho, I hope you read my stories and life and comment. I read all the comments - I promise! - but I rarely respond because I have been so busy lately. 

I'm also currently re-writing "The Bet" so that I will hopefully be able to send it to a publisher and be the author of an actual novel. Wouldn't that be cool? The re-edition will have side plots for some of the characters in the current book, so I'm really excited to take it on as a project :) 

You guys are magnificent, and you should remember that. 

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purplehairgirl posted a message to hannah-vo
HI! you are a great author; I really like you books! I personally think you should get them published! So good luck with that, but I'm pretty sure you will ;) no doubt!!!
Sweettart4321 posted a message to hannah-vo
Hey! I'm a big fan of you're work! If you could can you give me some tips of making a book :) if not I understand because of how busy you must be