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The Virginity Game
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Kill My Boyfriend
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I'm Sorry, Who's Your Mate?
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The Alpha Meets The Rogue
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Daughter Of The Moon

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A Little Insane: Raising The DeadOne Last Chance (PERMANENTLY DISCONTINUED)Twisting You  wattpadprize14Kill My Boyfriend

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o.o Well that wasn't an abrupt ending at all... Story was too short x_X Or maybe it just seems that way since I read it all in one night......
Sons of a Monster (Will be ...

Was Claire in the first book or is it just because I haven't read this story in a while and I've forgotten who that is? I didn't read the first...
I'm Sorry, Who's Your Mate?

She should've thought of the consequences... What about her family? She left them behind. For all we know, Cadence could think they helped her...
A Servant for a Mate

The 'wanted nothing more' line is overused, but other than that little thing, it's really good :D
One Mate and a Rejection

Could you upload more often? I don't usually care about how often a writer uploads, but when it's so early in the story it's difficult to remember...
Adam and Evie