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Hey, I'm goldthunder!
apparently that's not my name, sooo..
Just call me A!
One letter, no more, no less. Hehehe

Okay, about me :

I like music.

I like smileys

I like watching thunder

I like listening to other's problem and keep it as a secret, hehehe

I'm just an ordinary teenager who loooove the person in my profile picture! Waaah!!!

Thank you for reading this or my book, I really appreciate it
I'll be happy to be your friend, so, if you found this account, just private message me if you want.
It's okay, don't be shy, hehehe

See ya! :D


The Hated Who Is Loved [Beware : Include BoyxBoy]

The Hated Who Is Loved [Beware : Include BoyxBoy]

10 pages, updated Dec 06, 2011PG-13
This is a story for you who don't feel being loved. Also for you who feel that you are "The Hated". And also for you who hate yourself. Listen to me, You are just wrong!
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Welcome to my Nightmare

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Welcome to my Nightmare