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So, you want to know what this random girl is like? Let me tell you, dear friend:

I am obsessed with space. Literally, I have a picture-of-the-day astronomy book in my room, for fun I follow this boss dude called Phil Plait, aka, The Bad Astronomer, and I learn physics in my spare time (to name just a few of my quirks)!

You know that gigantic, horrible, weird nerd that has no friends? Hi, I know Pi to too many digits because of my overload of free time, how are you?

Let's get one thing straight though, I am NOT a geek, I will never be a geek, I am a NERD! N-E-R-D, NERD! 8)

I love music, like most of us. I like the current music, except songs that are too much rap. I don't like any bands in particular, except Coldplay. They play cold, I like it. 

I have no idea what to do now, so if you have any questions, just ask! I can also give a helping hand to any people who want one, with almost anything.

Some girls are all Facebook and sports and love and friendship and are open, "wear their heart on their sleeve", petty, and naive. I don't want to come off as rude, and I CERTAINLY don't want to offend anyone but

Good-bye, young child, and may your stories....I don't know.....catch on? Bye!  :)

P.S. ∏ (Pi according to what passes as technology)




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