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He smiled after finishing, and kissed my cheek. "You wrote a deep and lovely story, baby. I'm proud of you... But I'm going to be honest, people are still going to gripe at you because you're using y...
Girl... You can put yourself in all your books if you want to. The rest can just suck it! If your going to give input, give it with some thought of the person who is writing it. Otherwise just don't read their work of you don't like it.

"It's really complex... Just read G&M if that's your thing, and enjoy it when you find the characters... If it's not your taste in reading, just enjoy WAOTBBW as it is. She's still giving you that co...
Well said Ryder:)! Although I have yet to read the G&M since I am reading WAOTBBW and loving it!!! I am sure when I read Janie's G&M it will be awesome as well.