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You know there is a reason why the alpha knows best but Nooooo.... She just had to go out there and think she knows best just because the Beta said she's good for the alpha, just stick to supporting your man and advice as needed instead of thinking you know better then the Alpha.
I don't blame the rouges and can see why they have a bone to pick with alpha but I would think they will come to a decision instead of his know it all Luna who thinks she knows more

So why did she give in too quickly? Is she that weak minded that she would sign away her freedom for an arrogant, selfish and egotistical mate. That just pisses me off that sometimes it's nice to see a strong female that stand up to her mate and not go weak. Yada tads the mate pull at least let him work for your love trust, etc...

Ok I've read the story and it is great. But I want to know why she is so insecure and afraid to fall, to let her husband in. He has proven more times than I can count how much he loves Kathy.  Is she so doubtful and distrustful of her husband that she already judged and given him a guilty verdict because of his ex girlfriend? It is very frustrating instead of her being happy with him instead she prefers to spending the whole time overthinking things.  I hope she realizes that SHE will be the downfall of her marriage when she should trust her Prince wholeheartedly and be happy and let go.

Could have punch her slutty bitch of a step sister. I think she did this because of jealousy and the fucker couldn't keep it in his pants. Plus who would want to go back to a slut of a hoe like him and her.
Makes me wonder if her dad did the same thing to her mom to leave her and not tell her anything about their relationship, right? I wonder if that is the reason her dad married the mom's best friend. You what they all say like mother like daughter both sluts