I love ballet and playing the violin (hence, the username). I am 14, a sophomore in HS, and I am a student at Manhattan Youth Ballet. 

I love foreign music--I listen to some Bollywood, some k-pop, and a particular German band called Tokio Hotel. I also love Doctor Who (if you didn't notice my background) and Sherlock.

I speak English and Spanish, but I would love to learn German (because I love Tokio Hotel), Japanese (because I love anime), Korean (k-pop!) and more French than I can(it's a "high-end" language--what's not to love?). 

I hope to dance with Boston Ballet, SFB, ABT, or a company outside of the US once I finish my last 3 years of ballet study. If I am not accepted into a company or when I'm finished, I would like to attend a preferably Ivy school (some have dance companies). But for now, I will continue my writing!
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Description: Rosaria wants to be the most memorable Queen in Dorannian history. Misha wants the family name. Jordana strives to be more than a nouveau riche daughter with questionable parentage. Jaqen wants someone to love. Silas wants to be free. But the Peopl...

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When the Tsar and Tsarina of the Russian Empire are assassinated one night, it sets the stage for a revo...

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Who knew a crossword puzzle could change someone's life?

Virtuoso (editing)

Virtuoso (editing)

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Victoire Murphy and Sutton Opal are both ballet students attending the prestigious National Academy of D...

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DR WHO!!!!!!


Yeah, that's why I haven't updated in a year and don't intend to continue the book. I realized I wasn't really too motivated if it ended up being essentially, leviathan fan fiction. I basically took a year off uploading to wattpad so I could develop something original that was all me. I'm also sort of surprised you're one of the first people to see the glaring similarity? (at this point, I may delete it altogether to avoid new readers) Thanks for pointing it out though! It's actually pretty great when readers call out writers on their BS :)

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I have returned from the wattpad dead and posted a new story that I've been working on for a while. Say Hello to "The Corrupt Alliance"!