Status: Lol, my sister gave me her wattpad account. Idk if I'll use it. I might post band lyrics, idk (2 years ago)


Name Mollz
Location Alex Turner's bed :)
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My sister gave me her account XD
Idek why?

Yep. Oh, I'm Mollz. I'm 18 and go to college. I enjoy going to parties, Nando's and Budwiserrrrrrrrrrrr

If you do any of these things, I'm afraid that we can never be friends ok;
If you wear Paul's Boutique
If you call me Molly/Wolly/Polly - I go by Mollz ok
If you follow me on twitter, wait for me to follow you and then unfollow me to make yourself look cool
If you insult my music
If you call me an emo/grundger - I'm not. They're completely different to whatever I am okkkkkkkkkkkkk

Yeah, so, I'm Mollz. I'm good at giving advice and good at smuggling my sister into 15's and 18's

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loved it by the way :)
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Frienddddd (y) awz..
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Team Draco! But I do love the ol' Ronald. but still - team Draco. God, I do love this so much. Uh.
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