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Name Liz/Lizzy/Elizabeth/bethie-pooe/pooe-beth/grand-pooba
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Hi! ☺ ☃ < yes that is a snowman! ♡ ➹ oh look at that ➩ ➴ ➡ ➠ ➔
LOOK AT THIS STAR ☆ ★ ✩✴❈❀✿✰✷❃✹❄ 

❤ I love my ball chair!!!!! ❦ ❥

♨ noodles are awesome! 

I write for fun, have an obsession with cinnamon gum~~~~ hey that rhymed!
actually no it didn't I just thought it did!! OOPS!!

I'm 12 and I am very tall for my age (5ft 8in) just a fact! 
I  <3 to write stories check em out!! i love buying books that I won't read for years! :P 
I have great friends!!! Gabbster, Auberry, Jadeykins, EOZ, Sami, Shelby, Fuzzy Bear, Bear Grylls(aka John), Mayaisawesome, Naomi, and a well a few more! 

I like writing and I have many great ideas! ummm... sometimes! i guesss. 

Well i love boys,
Nick Rice
The Strokes
Julian Casablancas
Fab Moretti 
I love music too! :D 

I love lots of book every single one I have in my shelves in my room. 
Vladimir Tod  
PLL series!!!!!
Diary of a WImpy Kid!!! (Hey they r entertaining!) 
Troy High
Percy Jackson and the Olympians, etc. 

|...............| have you
|............O| ever pushed a
|...............| door that said pull?
|...............| I have!!! 

╚═╩═╩═╝ YES i LOVE to laugh I do it all the time and its kinda scary if something really funny is going on! :P

MIL BESOS (a thousand xoxo's) for getting this far!! Comment!!!!! VOTE!!!! FAN!!! pls!!!! 

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i love it!! thanks 4 uploading and r u okay cuz if u were hurt thats serious, but i hope ur okay!!!
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