Hey! I'm Ashlee!! Just a heads up, im kinda crazy X3 I LOVE writing a reading! I love all types of music, from MCR (I deeply love them) to One Direction (british guys, I can't resist em), so theres always gonna be a fanfic up C: 
I royally suck at updating, so you shall have to be patient with me, I'm super busy outside of the Wattpad world 
*GASP* 'Ms. Jackson' is on!! (by Panic! at the Disco) I LOOOOVE THIS SONG! sorry.....i'm super random too :D
Please pleeeeease PM me!! I love talking to new people!!

people you HAVE to follow:
@MasterOfUnicornMikey - thats mikey....shes priceless and writes really good poems and such
@KingOfDarknessGerard - my lil Gee.....i f-ing love you!! Shes amazing and her stories are beyond beautiful :)

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♥If You Ever Felt Alone
♥If You Ever Felt Rejected
♥If You Ever Felt Confused
♥If You Ever Felt Anxious
♥If You Ever Felt Wrong
♥If You Ever Felt Wronged
♥If You Ever Felt Unclean
♥If You Ever Felt Angry
♥If You Ever Felt Ashamed
♥If You Ever Felt Curious
♥If You Ever Felt Used
♥Be Prepared To Feel Revenge
♥Feel The Romance
♥My Brutal Romance
♥My Beautiful Romance
♥My Innocent Romance
♥My Childish Romance
♥My Miserable Romance
♥My X-Rated Romance
♥My Harlequin Romance
♥My Selfish Romance
♥My Chemical Romance

“We like to kidnap them in a van, and take then somewhere dangerous... SURPRISE!!” 
― Gerard Way
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Depressing Poems </3

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Look Alive, Sunshine(a MCR fanfic)

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Everyone said the wars coming here, but I highly doubt it....or so Casey thinks. Then, the dracs come, a...



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ifunny.....I had to share

ifunny.....I had to share

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“Of all the people he sends you to pick me up, Payne?” I almost spat his name as I looked at him with disgust that was on fire. He was practically my height but much more muscular with the strong...
No f-ing way!! He's finally here, and a body guard!!