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Hey guys, my name is Rachel, or as you guys know me, freehugproductions or Judging by my two names, I guess you can sense I'm sort of a hippie/tree hugger type of girl. I love anything vintage, including my record player which I lug around with me everywhere, and obviously reading and writing. I wish I could say that writing was a passion, but that's certainly not the case. It's a disease that I fear I will never get over. I simply cannot stop!

Anyways, about my personality. Something you must know is my love for my family and close friends I consider family. I have five amazing sisters and zero annoying brothers. I'm caught somewhere in the middle in my family which means I'm almost always ignored and have to mediate random sister-on-sister parent-on-parent violence.

Other things you must know:
1. I'm one of those always happy/optimistic giggling girls. I'm often called SunRae, Giggles, or Smiley
2. I'm a bit of a Jesus freak. I go to a small Christian College and love every second of it. No worries! I won't stand at a corner yelling at you that you'll burn in Hell or what not, that's crazy! You're beautiful and perfect just the way you are and I love you for it.
3. Nerd alert! I'm about the biggest nerd you could ever meet. Sign me up for random nerf wars, larping, shopping cart racing, dancing in public places, singing through stores, fingerpainting people under the moon, free hug campaigns downtown. Oh yes, and anime. People never see that one coming, but it's there. Also, I can tell you anything about any superhero ever. [Especially Xmen!]

 Peace, Love, Zombies




[For more information, check out my other accounts!]


Quizilla: [Oh, yes! I've had a quizilla account since 2006, and ALL of my old stuff is still on there!]


The Truth About the Girl With the Broken Smile [Ouran Host Club]

The Truth About the Girl With the Broken Smile [Ouran Host Club]

27 parts / 68 pages, updated May 07, 2014PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
There's something mysterious about the new girl. Something in the way she smiles is off and almost broken. She doesn't make eye contact, and ... read more
86,986 reads votes 1,627 comments 418
His Monster House

His Monster House

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Dec 30, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Come one, come all! Step right up to Telimyn Realm's very own reality TV show, Monster House! What? You've never heard of it? Ah, well you must be a, ugh, human. But, du... read more
614 reads votes 23 comments 11
Jack Frost Nipping At Your Nose

Jack Frost Nipping At Your Nose

9 parts / 27 pages, updated Dec 29, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
The legend of Jack Frost has always been shrouded in mystery, and throughout time, has warped into folklore. So what happens when Winter, a spunky level-hea... read more
28,608 reads votes 623 comments 177
Death's Necklace

Death's Necklace

6 parts / 12 pages, updated Dec 27, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Sadie Carnot is your average teen. She's smart, athletic, pretty, funny, and oh yeah, did we mention her fathers an explorer and her mothers a scientist? Sadie has bee... read more
2,979 reads votes 72 comments 41
Just a Girl: (Chronicle Fanfic)

Just a Girl: (Chronicle Fanfic)

9 parts / 29 pages, updated Aug 18, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
A fire destroyed everything. Her hope, her dreams, her family, her friends. And the worse part? It was all her fault. If she wasn't so careless, her father wou... read more
5,087 reads votes 133 comments 89
Safe & Sound: A Marvel Universe Fan-Fic (Avengers & X-Men)

Safe & Sound: A Marvel Universe Fan-Fic (Avengers & X-Men)

10 parts / 29 pages, updated Aug 10, 2012VideoPictures
She's been running her entire life, or at least the day her powers started kicking in. But running isn't so easy when you've been tra... read more
9,062 reads votes 115 comments 64
The Truth About the Boy With the Shattered Heart [Ouran Host Club II]

The Truth About the Boy With the Shattered Heart [Ouran Host Club II]

16 parts / 50 pages, updated Aug 10, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
After Indie/October's kidnapping; Kassandra and her younger twin sister, Karma, stayed behind to comfort the Host Club and tie up some une... read more
14,389 reads votes 337 comments 270
Dove & the Carnival Corpse (Deadman Wonderland)

Dove & the Carnival Corpse (Deadman Wonderland)

7 parts / 18 pages, updated Jul 31, 2012VideoPictures
Ten years ago a horrifying earthquake shook Japan to its core. Many perished, but a few found themselves with mysterious new abilities know... read more
5,023 reads votes 94 comments 51
And Black Was the Color of His Soul [Black Butler]

And Black Was the Color of His Soul [Black Butler]

6 parts / 13 pages, updated Apr 11, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Azura is desperately trying to regain something that was ripped away from her, something she has held dear to her heart and tried to protec... read more
2,975 reads votes 53 comments 23
He's Back, But Does He Know? [On Hold]

He's Back, But Does He Know? [On Hold]

5 parts / 13 pages, updated Jan 17, 2012PGVideoPictures
'“Pinky promise?” I asked extending my right pinky. A toothless grin slipped across my face as I stared into his pale green eyes. He smirked. “Pinky p... read more
1,441 reads votes 21 comments 9
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Thank you! I might have to revive it
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Thank you? Ha ha
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Thank you? Ha ha
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