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******I'm thinking of starting to re-vamp or just update my stories soon so look out for that.******
I'm just your average male* medical student obsessed with anime/manga, along with yaoi.


Maybe He's Not So Bad After All?

Maybe He's Not So Bad After All?

4 pages, updated Feb 06, 2013RPicturesCompleted
Pairing:Romano/Prussia/France, Romano/Prussia Characters:Romano, France, Prussia, mentions Germany Content Advice:Human names used, dub-con, threesome, A... read more
222 reads votes 5 comments 0
I'm Half-Quileute, a Wolf, and Imprinted on the Hothead?

I'm Half-Quileute, a Wolf, and Imprinted on the Hothead?

4 parts / 7 pages, updated May 10, 2012PG-13
Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns TWILIGHT, I just make up the plot for this story! Bella is Sam's half-sister. She phases after the Cullen's... read more
18,910 reads votes 247 comments 95
The New Girl with a Secret

The New Girl with a Secret

8 parts / 21 pages, updated Dec 13, 2011PG-13
Jennifer has constantly been on the move for over three hundred years in an attempt to seem human. This time she is in Connecticut and she meets her bloodline Al... read more
3,489 reads votes 20 comments 10
The Enemy. My Love. My Mate. My Curse

The Enemy. My Love. My Mate. My Curse

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Dec 09, 2011PG-13
if you had only two months to live unless you mated what would you do? Kaitlyn has never wanted a mate before but when her father tells her of her curse ... read more
1,807 reads votes 31 comments 16
Samantha and Aaron

Samantha and Aaron

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Dec 07, 2011PG-13
Samantha Willows is a nerd. Aaron Evans is a jock. They are bestfriends and have been since birth. Sam has been in love with Aaron for as long too , but he is oblivious ... read more
622 reads votes 11 comments 7
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I liked PE. The only sport I played in highschool was bowling though... but played basketball and baseball in middle grade school
Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]

@fandoms_is_the_life YES almost but close enough
Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]

Slytherin ftw
Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]

You deserve the highest of praises. You made an apathetic person cry over this beautifully, fantastically, wonderfully written novel. The dynamic...
Just Friends (BoyxBoy)

I'm really sorry but as of now this story and all my others are on hiatus~ Sorry but my education career comes first :'(
I'm Half-Quileute, a Wolf, ...

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