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Description: Alex Parker is a deadly weapon, of probable mass destruction. She is a Deathdealer, a for hire assassin on the freelance market, but also works for a program for the werewolf community, doing the jobs not everyone can do. Throw her back into schoo...

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A Werewolf's Mate

A Werewolf's Mate

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This is the story of Pierce. She used to think she was a normal girl, but normal is not the norm in her...

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Forget me not (On hold for a while.)

Forget me not (On hold for a while.)

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The title says it all. Quinn is not an average girl, in her mid-twenties. She is a powerful, business dr...

Target has chapter five! In case anyone wants to give it a gander. I am actually having fun writing this so far!

Okay, first thing that came to my head about what to think if a girl woke up in a weird place, is how did I get here. I like the idea of something sort of "hangoverish" like, like she doesnt remember hiw she got there, and maybe her phone says a couple of days had passed since she last talked to her best male friend Sebastian, Bastian or Basty for short or with love, about going home from a party because she was not feeling well. like she kinda ditched him, she remebers sending the text, then right after woking up days later, in her cool kegger attire with booties, party top, skinny jeans and super cool leather jacket. Then is like this place sort of like post apocalyptic feel, but with traces of cool color, and its abandonned. Then she wants to find out how she got there, walks to the ticket booth, where an old man in a tathered circus master outfit is outraged that she dared show up after the monumental trouble she put the carnival fair thing through, going up against the Ace sisters, and blowing everything up, and that if she wants to go back hime, she has to find her talisman witchy thing to do sorcery stuff with, and he gives her like an orb that glows when she is going the right direction into findimg it. So like every attraction on the carnival fair takes her to a different part of the realm, like a portal. and on the first one she tries, bamb, Bastian is there...and yeah ran out of steam. This is just what I thought about like right now. Feel free to think something up. also I like Carnival better.