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heey guys, trying this shit again. i hate telling people about myself it frustrates me. plus im not good with people.

moving on.....

my names Chloe but non of my psycho friends call me that unless its something serious, or i get caught doing something bad like..... break something expensive then i run like there a fire under my ass, denying all accusations.

ummm ... i only have 2 close friends, cause i don't really like people. let me rephrase i don't like people that don't like me.

red bull, monster, relentless any energy drink you name it i consume it on a daily basis.

i have temper problems generally with my phone, which includes smacking it off the wall when it wont shut up.

according to 'popular'  crowd which i call the alien crowd seeing as how half the girls wear so much make up, i don't think they even know what their face looks like. back to the point according to them, cause of how quiet i was around them im gonna be some kina serial killer. yet they continue to make fun? not that a plan on being a serial killer but if i was i wouldn't push me. 

i was quiet cause i didn't have anything to say to them. they view me as a freak and i couldn't give a shit i find it amusing.

some facts about me you don't have to know im just bored.

*love to read kina the reason im here.
*cant cook worth shit, seriously dude every time i try smoke comes out of something
even if im not using it.
* i physically cant be mean to someone if they are being nice to me. what? i cant be that cruel
sue me!
*i have an unhealthy addiction too shoes.
* and love being private even though im telling you about myself its not really anything to personally im just scarping the surface.

regretting reading this now? feeling like a dumbass? hehehe good then you will fit in :) 

im off to do something that in not telling you about..... cause even im not sure what it is.

catch ye 

fergie xoxo


Bad ass meets Psycho!

Bad ass meets Psycho!

11 parts / 39 pages, updated Nov 17, 2013PG-13
ok not good at writing descriptions but i will give it a go. Hayden, bad boy alpha with extreamly bad language and bad behavior. all thats about to change when he me... read more
13,505 reads votes 176 comments 54
Kiss With A Fist !

Kiss With A Fist !

4 pages, updated May 16, 2013PG-13
They are the new girls in school, first the oldest Rose the cheerleader, sweet kind and obviously preppy one. The you have her younger sister Delilah her attitude complet... read more
106 reads votes 3 comments 2
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