I want someone to love and cuddle with so I write/read stories that make me feel sad and forever alone❤️
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All It Took Was a Simple Click [Glee/Ryder Lynn Fan Fiction]

All It Took Was a Simple Click [Glee/Ryder Lynn Fan Fiction]

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If Katie was real. Based off the episode "Shooting Star" And the character in this episode and a couple...

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“He’s not there... he called me last week... how did he change his number already... why won’t he answer?” I feel like a frantic mess. Tears begin to blur my vision. Panic and bile rise up my throat...
Maybe since she hasn't been eating much lately her body is freaking out plus the stress from everything and now all these emotions her body can't handle it so it's like shutting down via vomit? Idk I'm just making stuff up