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i found this website with a friend randomly...i started reading one story and then i started readin more and more some were amazing...
so i want to start writting i cant promise im good..
so about me (:
im 17
i love reading and writting 
im addicted to sweets, by favorite is skittles and chocolate (:
big flirt....cant helppp itt! (: 
im single and prouddd!!!
im really short yayyy for me!! i wouldnt want to be tall(: im 5 foot
i dont like that twlight shit its horrible to all vampire stories 
i love talking to anyone i have no one type of people i like talking to 
im crazy but not that weird physco crazy the good crazy and im always hyper
i play volleyball,soccer, 
i dance and sing and im starting modeling 
i have caramel brown eyes and brown ish blonde hair naturally
im German, Spanish, Italiano,french,native american and more..yeah im a mutt...ohh well
i can speak french,Spanish,Italian, and some german 
Oh and that dog in the background is my puppy shes a husky with cute grey blue eyes her name is Mimiteh. Shes my baby 
sooo yeahh i dont no what else to sayy 


The mysterious dream that started this....

The mysterious dream that started this....

6 parts / 11 pages, updated Sep 08, 2012RPictures
Cameron a young man who is married,happy and finally has the perfect that he has been always searching for and finally builds it up with Victoria hi... read more
163 reads votes 15 comments 0
faithlol102's Reading List(:vampires(;<3lust/love(;slaves and masterswerewolfs(:<3fantasy<3All Kinds Of Romance (: <3 Finished but should read again (:<3(:!

Probably, Maybe Not A Good Idea
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Fuck Me Hard Mate
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Honestly I love Angel I think she's a good character sure she isn't mature as some but it's different .

Please do a sequel!!
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I hope your gonna write a spin off for them!!!
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