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., I LOVE TO READ specialy romantic stories that have happily ever after theme:)) ayiiieee\\(*3*)//

....i read lots of stories hir watty..and they r rilllyyyyy awesomeeee....juz check in my list and see for urself!

...happy reading guys!!:)


..hello po watty frens!

..thanks po for following!!! ayieeee khet certified reader lng po ako:))hehehe anyways suggest ko lng po to read all completed stories in my reading list woaaaahhh lalo n po yung s ❤ i - love- it ❤ list hehehe..n published n po kase yung iba and na eerase n sya s watty:)) congrats authors!ur stories are ready awessssoommeee!!
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oh em geeeeeeeee! super kilig!
Love at its Best (Soon to P...

this story is so awesome...dame learnings ang super touchy saket n mata ko kakaiyak huhuhu:)
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nakakaiyak nmn grabe much!
Love at its Best (Soon to P...

felt sorry for eunice....kht selfish love yun..nakakaiyak nmn sakit s puso:(
Love at its Best (Soon to P...

kawawa nmn si eunice...hayyyy:(
Love at its Best (Soon to P...