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If your eyes have wandered here, I know you care.
If you keep reading, I know I have gained your attention, so here's what:
I don't think I'm beautiful like 99% of teenage popularity, but I do think everyone IS beautiful. 
If you find yourself here, I'll take it you feel the same way, or think I'm pathetic.
If you think I'm pathetic, it's okay, I think that too.
The girl who has had a crush on a boy for ten years. Can you believe that? And I'm only 18.
The girl who isn't noticed by her crush like she wishes. 
The girl who keeps fantasizing about telling her crush how she feels.
I pour my heart to you all by writing poetry.
Everything I say isn't always true, but most is what I wish it to be.
When you feel lonely, look at the stars, or the moon, or even the sun. Know that somewhere, a person who feels the same way, is looking at the same thing too. There are plenty of people feeling lonely, and those who want to be. When you're lonely, think about great memories, or create ones in your head.
Sometimes I think I have Alice In Wonderland syndrome, because I refuse to live in this grey world, so I find something - doesn't matter what size - that fascinates me, is beautiful to my eye, and try to be thankful for having to see it. 
If you have finished reading what I had to say, then thank you. But there are a lot of things, still, that you don't know about me. If you find me interesting, then talk to me. If needed, pour your heart to me, I'll listen. We all have skeletons in our closets.
If you still find me pathetic, then I have found my half-soulmate. I still think I'm pathetic, too.

Alice no longer in Wonderland.


Love on the Radio

Love on the Radio

31 parts / 64 pages, updated Mar 04, 2014PG-13Video
What would you do if someone liked you, but only confessed it on the radio? (It's not a 'Parents Strongly Cautioned' story, I accidentally put that, and I can't change it back.)
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The Bully

The Bully

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Finvarra's Circus (poems)

Finvarra's Circus (poems)

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Beautiful tragedy

Beautiful tragedy

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Free yourself

Free yourself

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The Games : poems

The Games : poems

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Sore feet

Sore feet

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