Best book series in my opinion: HARRY POTTER, anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. 
Also, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Uglies, The Mediator, Inkheart, Magic Under Glass, Darkest powers, the Mermaid's Mirror, Sea Change, The infernal devices, The mortal Instruments, nearly everything by Cecelia ahern and Sophie Kinsella, Ella Enchanted, fight club, goddess of Troy...

Just some at the top of my head right now.
Other than those books...hmm there are many more i would love to mention but unfortunately cannot considering the 2000 letter limit and all. You can see most of them in my goodreads account if you want.

Tv shows I like/love are: doctor who! Smallville, the vampire diaries, sherlock, once upon a time, merlin, the originals.
My Favourite movies at the moment: Interview with the Vampire, fight club, inkheart.

My outside-Wattpad buddies :DD @ThevuniDias @iffath007 @elizabeth4abraham <---  :D
Favorite author on Wattpad? definitely @xXskater2girl16Xx . <--- Amazing author. Her stories are SO good, I love them all!

Until further notice, I'm going to be hibernating.
(1-1-2014) Happy New Year! I'm back, sorta. I've been busy for the past six months... studying, more like trying to :( 
I will still be kind of AWOL until I'm done with these really REALLY important exams (End of March till Beginning of April). So I wont be posting for a while but I will be back.
Until then,
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