Frustrated author, 19 years old.
Kpop stan. Big Bang. EXO. SNSD.
Anime addict. One Piece. Hunter X Hunter. Code Geass. Sword Art Online. Attack On Titan. Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
Book lover. Vampire wannabe. A hopeless romantic. Brat.

Forgive all my typographical and grammatical errors (especially in the stories that I have written when I was just only starting as a writer).

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I used to give soft copies wherein readers can easily download it from 4shared but then lately, the website (4shared.com) is no longer working.

*NOTE: If you really want to read the story, I suggest dito niyo na lang talaga sa Wattpad basahin. Hehe! Feel free to click the 'Vote' button and share some comments na rin. Haha! :P

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MY FOOLISH LOVE (Under Revision)

Social data: 1.1M reads. 8K votes. 1.7K comments.

Description: Five different love stories in ONE. What will happen if the self-proclaimed Asyumera Girls clashed with the guys of the famous Hartner University band, Handhearts? A story about fake marriage, second chances, childhood memories, unreturned feelings...


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OMFG!! I didn't know my one and only story entry for a writing contest got published!! It happened around 4 years ago, I was only 15-16 y/o back then! Hahaha I was still young, ni hindi ko nga matandaan yung plot nung story na ginawa ko nun e. Hahaha baka kakornihan at jejehan ever laman nun. :D THOUGH I AM REALLY SURPRISED TO KNOW AND OF COURSE, GOT SO HAPPY AND EXCITED AT THE SAME TIME. Just thinking of it, one and only attempt, blessed na ma-published. Haaay saya ng feeling. :"> 
What should I do to fit Wattpad on my schedule? Huhuhu. Gusto ko na ding tapusin ang stories ko dito and I really feel bad to those who wait pero Inactive na yata talaga forever ang lola niyo dito. T^T Guyyyys~ I'm so so so sorry talaga kung wala pa ring update sa tagal ng panahon na 'toh. *SIGH* I cannot promise you an update soon... pero malay niyo... mga two years from now. Hahaha joke. Basta. Basta... Tiwala na lang. Hahaha. -euzaku35^^
iamvynaaaa143 posted a message to euzaku35
Nag-start nalang po ako sa Loving A 'G' ate kakahintay sa SBMBG pero worth it rin po kahit naputol 'yong pagbasa ko sa SBMBG kasi nakakilig ng Loving A 'G' hehe :) Ilikeit:*** And also the so-called characters ate Ireallylovethem :* hehe Idol ko po sila sa KPOP world ehh. hehee. 
      basta ate ha? UD na sa SBMBG :) stay cool ;)