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Ok, so I think I need to put this on  here......I don't always reply to the comments the readers write on my stories and I feel bad for that but life gets on the way and I hardly get on here...but I do read them all from my phone, but have you ever tried to write long comments from a small keyboard? -_- yeah not fun but I do appreciate all the votes and comments and the fans you all make me feel good about my crappy writing and for that I THANK you from the bottom of my heart....

So about me.

Any ways, I love writing on my free time because it helps me escape from real life at least for a few minutes. I'm not a professional on this and my works will have errors on it, so like an old friend used to say, you get what you pay for, and since this website is free well then there's your answer.. But even if I'm not doing this professionally, I'm still getting the help of someone to edit my works, her name on here is @caed99 and she had offer her wonderful help to edit all my works!

@Kandyapple edited The Teacher And The QuarterBack.

@Angelisa318 Edited Pain, Love And Hate. 

And some covers on my works are made by @Kandyapple and @betopenalva  

Private chapters    http://www.wattpad.com/20671081-the-leopard-found-love-malexmale-chapter-10#.UeSInR4o7cc


ATTENTION: Thank you to all for following me, voting and commenting on my works!

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Shout out to the Librarian, you looking for BoyxBoy stories go to her reading lists @rain_water
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My name is Ryan Copeland. I was a History Teacher, I was content with my life i had a live in boyfriend...