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Sometimes there are things in life more important than the constant need to judge and take from those around us. 

Sometimes we need to overlook the way we were born and made, to look past the greed and the image our society paints; girl that throws up her meals and starves herself to remain 'beautiful' in the eyes of our society, the boy who puts on a tough face but is a beaten, broken shell of a frightened child and the 14 year old mom who cries herself to sleep thinking of the man who abused her and gave her the best thing in her life.

Sometimes we should stop and think of the life path that has made a person who they are before jumping to conclusions and opening our mouths.

Sometimes things don't need a description but simply require a person to think for themselves and give a piece a bit of thought and care.

Sometimes society should shut up and accept the world for what it is. Imperfectly perfect .... and that's what makes our world so special and magical, the fact that things can be so different and crazy but yet so amazing and extraordinary.

Don't let this misguided society change you from who you are because in the end its you're perfectly imperfect self and soul that set you apart from other people and is what makes you special and unique and ends up being what people love about you.

The truth is not always what it seems like, the sooner we learn to accept that, the sooner we start living life.
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