"Writing, is where I am surrounded by insanity, but can walk sanely through the madness."
- Ellie Johns

I am 21 years of age, and pushing myself towards my dream. On step at a time, I shall work towards becoming a published author.

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Harley Harper

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Description: “I dare you, just do it Harley. You never know what might happen.” His smirk began to claim his face, and as he moved just an inch closer I felt like he was going to kiss me, but I was wrong. * * * * This isn’t what was supposed to happen sh...

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Resident Evil: Dead Awakening

Resident Evil: Dead Awakening

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‘Streets lined with corpses, as faint cries of help faded off into the distance. She had no way of hel...

Dreams Of The Descendant (Book One)

Dreams Of The Descendant (Book One)

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Nails, sharp and aggressive, bit eagerly into the flesh of her arms. She could feel the damp stains that...

elliejohns posted a message

Another chapter is done and dusted, I would love some feedback and what we think so far of Harley Harper. 

Are we preferring it the second time around?

Let me know.

I really hope you are all enjoying it.

elliejohns posted a message

Okay, I'm a little bit lucky and have some spare time before I have to go to work, so I may try and work through a bit more of Harley Harper and see how that goes.

I may even be able to finish it off.

Fingers crossed.


I have, basically the old version developed a little too quickly for me, and the emotions though strong didn't seem very realistic to me. So I'm going to pad the story out a bit and make it a bit longer and also just make it better hopefully! :)

elliejohns posted a message

Slowly working my way through Chapter Three of Harley Harper, as it's late I'm going to head to bed now but I shall try and do some more editing tomorrow.

It feels so good to be writing again, I honestly cannot wait to get Harley Harper all updated and edited so then I can start updating it properly again. I may actually be able to finish this story if I'm lucky. 

Although it's going to take some time, I may ask a couple friends as well if they may read it. Once I've got a few more chapters up and running! Fingers crossed they'll say yes.

Anyway, good night everyone.

elliejohns posted a message

All right, once Xtra Factor has finished, I will have some spare time to do some editing and hopefully get another chapter of Harley Harper posted. 

It's going to take me some time though, because I get so stupidly distracted by the simplest things, but I will try and get it posted by the end of tonight. And I'll try and start work on the next chapter as well, I'm really padding this story out, so it should be a lot more intriguing. 

Keep an eye out.