"Writing, is where I am surrounded by insanity, but can walk sanely through the madness."
- Ellie Johns

I am 21 years of age, and pushing myself towards my dream. One step at a time, I shall work towards becoming a published author.

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Harley Harper

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Description: “I dare you, just do it Harley. You never know what might happen.” His smirk began to claim his face, and as he moved just an inch closer I felt like he was going to kiss me, but I was wrong. * * * * This isn’t what was supposed to happen sh...

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Dreams Of The Descendant (Book One)

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I think with a little bit of work and a little bit of dedication I am going to attempt to start writing again, I know I go on and off when it comes to this, but I am going to be staying away from my phone. 

In fact, it's completely turned off, and it's out of my way. So hopefully I can stay away from any social sites online and just get on with the stuff that's important. I know it's going to be tricky and going cold turkey is going to be hard, but it'll also be good for me.

I am also going to be using Goodreads a lot more, I've reopened my account again and I'm going to add every book I own into my library, so I can actually read them. Writing reviews will also help me to get through them all and to see which ones I actually like and which ones I don't.

Neat. Well, just wanted to update you all. I am only going to be working Harley Harper though as that is the story that I want to finish most. Then once that's done I may look into re-doing and continuing the Dreams Trilogy. That one is going to need a lot of work but I know it'll be worth it once it's done. I just have to plan it all out before hand, or maybe not. Maybe I'll see where it leads me instead. 

Wish me luck everyone.