………(●̮̮̃•̃)..l(●̮̮̃•̃)l BxB<33
      ……… /█\ ♥/█\
      i copied this from sumone:P
      Shiz bout me
      -I'm Elena (that's me in the picture)
      -17 yrs old
      -5'5(short yea I know)
      -I'm bi
      -Love Batman!
      -I like screamo and heavy metal
      -Fav color-black or anything neon
       -extremely clumsy (I have a reasonable excuse though) I am blond 
      -I love video games
      -oh and ICE CREAM! 
      -I love owls too
      -HOOT HOOT & koalas soooo cute
      -I usually don't get along with girls (so friggen annoying & dramatic!)
      -I am so bad at telling jokes
      -my sarcasm sux
      -I can get annoying at times, but have no intentions to, so tell me
      -I am not shy
      -To be completely honest I may or may not read your book & yes I judge books by their cover just cuz I'm told not to
      -I am very rebellious
      -I hate Twilight Saga, it sux & Justin Beiber or wtvr the hell his name is
      -I hate when ppl thank me or say srry too much
      -I hate liars,cheaters, & ppl who ask for attention all the time
      I love MUSIC
      -Five Finger Death Punch
      -Egypt Central
      -Red Hot Chile Peppers
      -Three Days Grace
      -Hinder ( I LOVE the song Lips of an Angel)
      -Black Veil Brides
      -Linkin Park
      -Three Days Grace
      - duh How can I forget? I like Asking Alexandria too:P
      -oh Whatever band James Cheal is in idk cuz i was just introduced to him:P
      -Avril Lavigne (she brings out the girlieness in me)
      I kinda have a think for country:P
      -Taylor Swift
      Most of all 
      - I LOVE YOU!
      I will ALWAYS be here to talk probably not right away...but I will eventually
      and btw just cuz I haven't replied ASAP or in a while duznt mean I am ignoring you:)
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