Welcome to my page. My name is Elaine Harlington. Hence the username. 
I'm a little bit insane. I'm a proud francophile. I embrace most things wondrous and strange and always try and keep an open mind without causing too much trouble. I explore the unknown wonders of the universe from my very own room whether through imagination, reading, writing or drawing. My passion is all things creative. My instrument is piano, I've played for over ten years straight now. I dabble though, violins, flutes, guitars and triangles can also be somewhat played by me. My inspiration for writing stemmed from my reading. My reading came from my own inane curiosity to learn. My favorite actors are almost all British born or Australian. I adore accents and I have friends of all sizes and minds. They support me more than I can ever ask for. I like rainy days most because of the potential they hold. Nighttime used to frighten me but now it is my greatest triumph. I eat a lot but if I'm caught up in something I eat naught at all. I bend the rules of grammar all the time since I only bothered to learn them once. Feel free to read any of my stories, they are all examples of past writings though, I haven't had the time nor the inclination to put any new ones up lately. I can speak one language, translate three, and learn thousands. I hope to one day master all the Romance languages and many of the Asian ones.
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Time Is Money

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Description: On a planet that had at one time been inhabited only by living organisms, human greed has driven so far that synthetic creatures specially designed to handle nuclear power were created with advance technology. Ruby thought she knew everything about...

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Living, Loving, Breaking

Living, Loving, Breaking

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