-I'm Ethan J. Laymon.
      -Music is what dominates my life. I sing (I'm in a band as singer/screamer) , play trumpet, very little piano, and i used to play cello. 
      -Friends are the most important thing to me ever. I can't stand losing them, but sometimes it happens. I used to have a best friend (but then he gave me an std)...jk, I just lost the person that I considered a best friend. 
      -I hate stereotypes, so yes i may dress the "emo" style but that doesnt mean I'm a freak, and it definitely doesnt mean I cut myself. The one thing i am is an individual just trying to make it in this world. 
      -I'm openly gay, and anytime I see homophobic comments or actions happening I will be there to fight. Gays aren't any different then any straight person, just let us be happy. 
      -I definitely am one to stand up and fight for what I believe in, even if its completely against what our corrupt society thinks is "right." 
      -Oh and the last thing I have to say: I hate liars and people who play with love. Thanks for enduring the horror of me. 
      Ethan :)
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