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My name is Samantha call me Sam or Sammy if u want ;-)
Im into photography.
My mum is american but my dad is canadian though grew up in the uk so basically i write the way british people do like colour and mum. 
Currently living in California 
Just moved 2 sacremento (and for the people who dont no that is also in California)

My fave series is the lorien legacies
My favourite game is this nerdy game (i no im a nerd! But i like it) My friend made herself called eeshaomg (i no stupid name but she didnt no wat 2 call it!) Im so addicted 2 it i named my username after it!!

I am 20 :-P
It is me in the pic people asked
I have a very New Yorkan accent
Born in Beverly hills
Living on my own
And working
Come talk 2 me if u want 2 ^_^

If you have any questions you would like to ask me (over private messages); no matter how humiliating, dirty, embarassing, publicly indecent; I WILL ANSWER IT.

Pls follow my friend eesha (the creator of my favorite game) on twitter her names eesha irfan or @eesha_says_hi. She doesnt have many followers if u follow her she will promises 2 follow back. Thnx 2 the followers ;)

Oh and follow me 2 @samitup

That is pretty much all i want to tell u stalkers
PS ADD MY FRIENDS - Scottyhihi
- StilaDream09




3 parts / 3 pages, updated Aug 26, 2012
It starts with an elated family of 3 living in a fine sized house in Illinois… Really? Yup thats right folks! What life can be better for an extremely dum 8 year old to be... read more
624 reads votes 26 comments 24
Who am i?

Who am i?

1 page, updated Aug 18, 2012
Moving to another country is the hardest moment of a person's life. Fair enough if it is to move to another city in the same country. Sigh well just got to get used to it; this i... read more
24 reads votes 2 comments 0

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