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Hi! I'm Echo(sound). I'm really bad at updating sometimes, so, just be patient with me.

Updating Schedule:

(Sunday) Your pick (No vote, no post!)
(Monday) "Ex'ile" ~ Drake's story of robots and murder
(Tuesday) "The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Secrecy" ~ The legendary hero's quest to save Hyrule. Again.
(Wednesday) My Second Account ~ Whatever story is active there on @TheEchoCorral
(Thursday) "The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Secrecy" ~ The legendary hero's quest to save Hyrule. Again.
(Friday) Pending purpose
(Saturday) "Cursed & Tail" ~ Echo's story of adventure and magic

With "Cursed & Tail," I am doing special co-written chapters with people. These work as I drive the plot, you fill in the blanks as they come along for your character. If you want to do one of these chapters with me, send me a PM, check out my notes in the artshop, and I would suggest reading the story. And I will plan for your character to enter into the story.

People you should check out: @horsesrule3 @mapmyscars @TheEchoCorral

P.S. I DO NOT READ PER REQUEST! I will no longer respond to any request messages I receive.

P.S.S. The website in my link is open. You can sign up if you use your username and are a fan of me.

Final Note: I do bonus updates for every 1000 reads and 50 votes for active stories! For Goddess of Secrecy though, it's every 10,000 reads and 500 votes.


The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Secrecy

The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Secrecy

111 parts / 250 pages, updated Jul 20, 2014PG-13
((Rating is not a true reflection of the novel, and not my choice rating. This is closer to PG than PG-13)) Hyrule has only ever dreamt of an end t... read more
108,300 reads votes 1,743 comments 306


37 parts / 69 pages, updated May 26, 2014PG
When Drake helped the Resistance win the war, he expected his restoration to his human self. What he got was a near full conversion to robotics, and a job helping the people who ... read more
1,065 reads votes 109 comments 1
Cursed & Tail

Cursed & Tail

24 parts / 43 pages, updated Feb 08, 2014PG
Echo has woken up on an island. Fortunately inhabited, but not by humans. And she finds that neither is she anymore. The question is, what will she do about it? This stor... read more
1,857 reads votes 108 comments 27
Having A Very Merry Christmas With You ((On Hold Until Next Christmas Season))

Having A Very Merry Christmas With You ((On Hold Until Next Christmas Season))

4 parts / 11 pages, updated Dec 14, 2013PGVideo
Chris is a singer in New York, with an ironic detest for the holidays. When his brother, Luke, comes into town to spend the holidays, Chris... read more
89 reads votes 11 comments 0
Monsters ((On Hold))

Monsters ((On Hold))

6 parts / 8 pages, updated Nov 08, 2013PG
Sarah lost her husband. Unable to live with the memories, she and her family move back to her hometown. Little does she know, she's about to meet someone who's going to t... read more
150 reads votes 18 comments 2
Echo's Art Shop ((Temporarily Closed))

Echo's Art Shop ((Temporarily Closed))

10 parts / 3 pages, updated Aug 16, 2013GVideoPictures
I'm an artist, but I run out of ideas of things to draw sooner than I have them. What help me with that problem? Just to clarify! This is not a cover... read more
1,215 reads votes 35 comments 65
From Silence ((On Hold))

From Silence ((On Hold))

8 parts / 9 pages, updated Jul 10, 2013PG-13
Silence. Years upon years of it. That's all Genova has known. Trapped in an endless winter world, where there is no sound. Just snow, falling in silence. Years and ye... read more
232 reads votes 27 comments 4
Horn & Wing

Horn & Wing

25 parts / 44 pages, updated Jul 09, 2013PGCompleted
Neon was a mercenary for the hated Gummy King. She hates that she was, and only rumors can confirm that she ever helped him. One day, she meet Space, a deranged "warrio... read more
927 reads votes 98 comments 23
Hunters ((On Hold))

Hunters ((On Hold))

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Jul 07, 2013PG-13
Pyp was always the ignorant one in her friends. She was two months behind everything, and ever other reference went over her head. No one expected her to be a Demon Hunter... read more
127 reads votes 10 comments 0
Struck By Madness

Struck By Madness

28 parts / 59 pages, updated May 11, 2013PG-13Completed
Ella has lived a sheltered life with no one but the people who run her home and Sin, her white wolf-husky mix. She could never imagine what she really is, but what she r... read more
3,718 reads votes 163 comments 26

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I do hope you realize that this is hardly half of the whole story. Finishing it is going to take a couple more years.
The Legend of Zelda: Goddes...

Well, it was the Lon Lon Ranch theme, but it appears the video I used has been deleted.
The Legend of Zelda: Goddes...

The Legend of Zelda: Goddes...

Um, well, that's a complicated answer, but I'll try my best to answer it. First of all, get an original idea. Even if it's been done before, you...
Horn & Wing

No, the Lost One is someone very different from anyone in the games before, but that's some spoilers, so that's all I'll say.
The Legend of Zelda: Goddes...