Hi! I'm Echo(sound). I'm really bad at updating sometimes, so, just be patient with me. Please do not ask me when updates will be coming out though. I do take it as an insult. I work hard on my content, and sometimes I just can't write a lot on certain stories for a while. If you enjoy my work, please say that you're looking forward to the next update and that will encourage me to try to work on it. Requesting a time for the new update or demanding one is more likely to have me just outright not post anything for even longer because I'll be too put out to write. Sorry, I kinda boil too close to the surface sometimes, but I promise I'm really friendly and extremely grateful for your support, just so long as y'all understand I have a life outside my writing right now.

People you should check out: @horsesrule3

P.S. I DO NOT READ PER REQUEST! I am completely flattered that people think me a talented enough author to ask my opinion on their works. But I am on an academic scholarship that I have to maintain in order to get through college. I don't have time to read stories suggested to me. I will not respond to these requests. Also, I only follow people I'm interested in getting notifications from. I won't fan you back just because you fanned me or added one of my works.

P.S.S. The website in my link is open. You can sign up if you use your username on here and are a fan of me.
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@AkahanaHiroshi I think it's a crying shame then that that man thinks he's an English teacher if he can't even recognize the writer style of one of the great American authors as being good. But still, the most important part of being a writer is to listen to all the criticism you receive, and then ignore it. That's a blunt way of putting it, and I can't remember who said it now, but the point is to take only what you agree with. It's your work, and you know what's best in the end.

I appreciate the feedback. I know I need to go back and edit a lot of the grammar. This book has been ongoing for, what, four years now? Honestly, I'm only halfway through at this point and more interested in just getting the first draft done before I go back and fix it all. It will happen, just once the whole thing is finished.
      Honestly though, I don't show. It's not my style. Like Hemingway, I'm a minimalist. The only things I show are interesting and incredibly important details. The rest is stated. Now, I'm no where near the skill of Hemingway, but it worked for him and it works for me. Thanks for the advice either way, but that's not a change I'll be making to my works.
The next update for "GoS" is done. I just finished finals and now I'm spending the only two weeks I have with my boyfriend this year (we're long distance) to, well, visit. I promise updates will be returning soon.

I'm a lady. And that would be a daunting and terrifying task. I mean, I'd love to, but...well, college and updating this one has already plummeted. Well, I suppose we'll see once the summer rolls around. I think...including all the side quest chapters coming, this will be the...half-ish way point? Once the dungeon is complete at least. And I'm sitting on a sentence away from starting that boss battle, so hopefully soon.