Hi! I'm Echo(sound). I'm really bad at updating sometimes, so, just be patient with me. Please do not ask me when updates will be coming out though. I do take it as an insult. I work hard on my content, and sometimes I just can't write a lot on certain stories for a while. If you enjoy my work, please say that you're looking forward to the next update and that will encourage me to try to work on it. Requesting a time for the new update or demanding one is more likely to have me just outright not post anything for even longer because I'll be too put out to write. Sorry, I kinda boil too close to the surface sometimes, but I promise I'm really friendly and extremely grateful for your support, just so long as y'all understand I have a life outside my writing right now.
      People you should check out: @horsesrule3
      P.S. I DO NOT READ PER REQUEST! I am completely flattered that people think me a talented enough author to ask my opinion on their works. But I am on an academic scholarship that I have to maintain in order to get through college. I don't have time to read stories suggested to me. I will not respond to these requests. Also, I only follow people I'm interested in getting notifications from. I won't fan you back just because you fanned me or added one of my works.
      P.S.S. The website in my link is open. You can sign up if you use your username on here and are a fan of me.
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Why does everyone want Link to grunt? It's a nasty, negative sound effect that Link has never done. And Link is not a mute, and he has never been a mute in the games. He's a silent hero, which means he doesn't talk much, but the options that he is presented (with wider options in more recent games) means he most definitely responds verbally in complete sentences. Link talks.

No, he replied calmly works better. Grunt implies agitation and a lower tone.  The emotion here is closer to simple exhaustion, but also implies a knowledge of Bruce's behavior patterns. Acting irritated would only goad Bruce along, making the ordeal significantly longer and more grating. Instead, the best plan to get Bruce to leave would be just to sound mildly tired, but not argumentative, and to speak in a clear tone so as to avoid comments like "Speak clearly" along with the general barbs attached to it. Thus, Bruce has very little to work on to continue harassing Link. Thanks for the suggestion though, but I like the tone as it is.