Hi! I'm Echo(sound). I'm really bad at updating sometimes, so, just be patient with me.

Updating Schedule:

(Sunday) Studying
(Monday) "Ex'ile" ~ Drake's story of robots and murder
(Tuesday) "The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Secrecy" ~ The legendary hero's quest to save Hyrule. Again.
(Wednesday) Studying/Possibly My Second Account ~ Whatever story is active there on @TheEchoCorral
(Thursday) "The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Secrecy" ~ The legendary hero's quest to save Hyrule. Again.
(Friday) Studying
(Saturday) "Cursed & Tail" ~ Echo's story of adventure and magic

People you should check out: @horsesrule3 @TheEchoCorral

P.S. I DO NOT READ PER REQUEST! I am completely flattered that people think me a talented enough author to ask my opinion on their works. But I am on an academic scholarship that I have to maintain in order to get through college. I don't have time to read stories suggested to me. I will not respond to these requests.

P.S.S. The website in my link is open. You can sign up if you use your username on here and are a fan of me.

Final Note: I do bonus updates for every 1000 reads and 50 votes for active stories! For Goddess of Secrecy though, it's every 10,000 reads and 500 votes.
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Hunters ((Discontinued-Plot To Be Revised Heavily))

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Description: Pyp was always the ignorant one in her friends. She was two months behind everything, and ever other reference went over her head. No one expected her to be a Demon Hunter though. But when Pyp decides to handle things differently, entire orders migh...

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The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Secrecy

The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Secrecy

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When Drake helped the Resistance win the war, he expected his restoration to his human self. What he got...

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Cursed & Tail

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Monsters ((On Hold))

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Hey guys! I'm really sorry about the lack of updates. I promise I'm working, it's just difficult to get complete chapters out right now. I'm new to all this college stuff after all. Things will probably get better after this semester and I'm used to the whole rigamarole.

Another thing that's keeping me busy right now is a project that's been in the works for quite a while. If you hadn't seen it already, I have a Youtube Channel. It's mildly successful, approaching 500 subs from some Let's Plays and speedpaints. More recently I got a "co-star," and have been overhauling my channel to make it look better for our new content. The new co-host on my channel is actually my boyfriend, Uhandar. And since we're massive nerds, we'd figured we'd play some video games together and then ruefully put it on the Internet for other people's entertainment.

Most of the overhaul is done, and we have a good schedule set up for recording. Which means that I will get more free time back very soon, probably once our first video goes up. And if you're interested, certainly wouldn't mind you finding our channel. We're going to do a lot of fan based things, and host Q&As every once in a while (where you can ask me questions about my books). Currently we're playing Starbound, though we're hoping to expand to more titles soon.

So, yeah, thanks for all your patience. And we're the StarCrossedGamers if you want to watch me and Uhandar being ridiculous at gaming.

~ Echo
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Sorry, I messed up on writing that message:) what's going to happen when link fights Narizah? Will it be suspenseful? Will link win easily? Or wth a painful price to pay?