Hi! I'm Echo(sound). I'm really bad at updating sometimes, so, just be patient with me. Please do not ask me when updates will be coming out though. I do take it as an insult. I work hard on my content, and sometimes I just can't write a lot on certain stories for a while. If you enjoy my work, please say that you're looking forward to the next update and that will encourage me to try to work on it. Requesting a time for the new update or demanding one is more likely to have me just outright not post anything for even longer because I'll be too put out to write. Sorry, I kinda boil too close to the surface sometimes, but I promise I'm really friendly and extremely grateful for your support, just so long as y'all understand I have a life outside my writing right now.

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P.S. I DO NOT READ PER REQUEST! I am completely flattered that people think me a talented enough author to ask my opinion on their works. But I am on an academic scholarship that I have to maintain in order to get through college. I don't have time to read stories suggested to me. I will not respond to these requests. Also, I only follow people I'm interested in getting notifications from. I won't fan you back just because you fanned me or added one of my works.

P.S.S. The website in my link is open. You can sign up if you use your username on here and are a fan of me.
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I'm sorry that there's not been much updating lately. I promise that I'm working hard on it. The next "GoS" chapter is about half way done. I'm having some trouble getting it onto my other computer though just from how big the file's become at this point. Once I get it here though, it'll be a lot easier to work on. In the mean time, the best way to get myself into a writing mood is working on roleplays. Unfortunately, my current source is a little slow, so I'm having to resort to bouncing between ideas. It works, but it's a lot slower. If you're interested in helping me out with that though (or just seeing my REALLY old works), you can follow the link in my profile and it'll take you to my website. Register with your username on here, and you can join the community. If enough people join, I might make a "GoS" RP, and leak some sneak peaks through there. I dunno know though...I suppose that would go a lot faster and I'd probably drop a lot of hints, but...y'all want chapters. I guess I should focus on that then. Well, back to work for me! ~ Echo

respect. She said, “My name is Endeavor. I wish I could have reached here sooner, but my home lies deep in the middle of the Frostborne Mountains. It is a long travel from there.
@MacAttack13 That I say without spoilers. No, Endeavor is not a Sheik-esque character. Zelda is quite her own character in this novel.

Thank you! It's nice to finally get some constructive criticism to my works! I've really had honest trouble figuring out how to write my puzzles in the first place. In all truth, I much rather write my characters' dialogue and work on their races' cultures, but considering I'm writing about a game that has puzzles in it, I've been doing my best inside the dungeons to make the puzzles interesting and varied. That suggestion I intend to apply whole heartedly. 

As for the rest, I'm afraid I must apologize and say that I won't be changing the style that this story is written in. I'm writing it so that it seems like a game, that was the approach I wanted in writing this. In it's most original creation, it was going to be a fan-made game and this was the plot surrounding it. Though as a fanfiction for a game, I feel that that suits the story. I didn't want to write a traditional fanfiction, like something that happens after the plot of a game or having some character unknown to the lore brought in. I wanted to make my own Legend of Zelda title, and in that respect, it appears I have succeeded. I've gotten numerous comments requesting that this be made into a game, more often than I've had requests for this to be a genuine novel. I've never had any intentions that this be a true novel, I don't believe Nintendo would ever allow that. And I didn't want it to be. I want it to be a game.

But, as I said, I will take your comment to heart. I do need a better approach to puzzles, and if you have any suggestions on how to better them, I would be grateful to hear them. I'll try to work on them in the dungeon chapters ahead, as well as when I return to the earlier chapters to edit once the book is done. In the mean time, I really must commend you for having a BRILLIANTLY written constructive criticism. For the sake of anyone else reading this, I'll say that it's brilliant because of the fact that you gave me such wonderful reasons and examples to expand on. 

Thank you, Echo

            Hero of the Fall.
@maryalice34 @TheGamingKoopa To further clarify, Link does not die to start the Child Timeline, the one where Majora's Mask and so on take place. He dies during Majora's Mask. The event that sets the Child Timeline off is that Link returns after defeating Ganondorf in the future and warns Hyrule of the danger of the Demon Lord before the Ganondorf has a chance to do anything. Link then leaves to find Navi, and this sets of the events of the timeline that you both are thinking of. This is not the timeline I am referring to though. There are three officially outcomes that follow Ocarina of Time: The Adult Timeline, the Child Timeline, and the Hero-less Timeline. The third is what I am talking about. In the third timeline, Link dies in the battle with Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time instead of surviving and going back. This sets Hyrule into a period of decay, allowing for the events of Link to the Past to happen, and so on down that line. The fall of Hyrule, if you will.

            Hero of the Fall.
@maryalice34 @TheGamingKoopa YES! That Link dies, but that is not the hero I'm referring to. The Link I am referring to by the "Hero of the Fall" is the Link that dies in the battle with Ganondorf at the end of Ocarina of Time. This is not a technical or playable outcome of the game, but it is the event that Nintendo stated starts the third timeline of the Zelda universe. I am not talking about the Link that dies in Majora's Mask and goes on to become the Hero's Shade by this, that is the Hero of the Masks. I am talking about a separate character, one that only exists in technically, not in a game.