Wanna know some things? Hmm.. Here:
~ I love to read (obviously)
~ Sleeping is a hobby, for me. And it is MY HOBBY. Bear with it.
~ Gradually I am becoming a bad girl a teeny tiny bit not yet a very sadistic one.
~ I read classics & listen to classical music! Weird right?! Well, that's me a WEIRDO. Haha!! :b
~ Would you believe me if I tell you that I have read Shakespeare's dramas. I love them so better believem e and bear with it.
~ I love WOLVES. I actually loved vampires in the past. I mean a year ago or so. And suddenly I loved wolves!! I can't believe that I wolves totally wrecked my liking for vamps. I want to have a WEREWOLF FRIEND!! Too bad, it's impossible. If only..... 
~ I was told by lots of people that I'm the weirdest girl they ever met. Well, I'm pretty normal.. Haha! Am not weird! Right!!

Well, that's a part of me. I don't know.. but if you've reached this far.. Well, thanks! You had survived the 5 minutes or so of reading my "About Me" thingie.

GTG. Message me? I'll reply.. But sometimes a bit late. Hehe!! :D
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eaniss commented on Underdogs - Three

“Because,” Levi says and raises his voice for the next statement. “I love you, too, babe.” He winks and walks out of the front door, leaving me reeling.
Why do I have a feeling that he actually meant that? Oh well...