Hello all I am Stacy, and I have a love for cats-especially my two-, reading, writing, reading and artwork. 
I have several stories. My newest work is call "The cat" and my most read one that is still being written is "Blood sex and cigs." 

****I didnt know he as A6 is no longer being written nor fixed so do not waste your time******

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The Cat

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Description: Wednesday Adams Sommers has always been a huge cat person, so much so that every weekend she would spend volunteering in a cat shelter and owned several cats. So obviously when she saw a cat in danger she did everything in order to save that cat. Li...

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I didnt know he was Andy Sixx (no longer being written)

I didnt know he was Andy Sixx (no longer being written)

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Ronnie never knew what she was getting into the day that her parents kicked her out and got a number fro...

Dark Worlds

Dark Worlds

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Blood, Sex and Cigarettes

Blood, Sex and Cigarettes

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“I have a thing for werewolves; something just oozes sexy, when a guy is demanding and dominant.” Z...

Dark Beauty

Dark Beauty

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I am Skylar Night Ghost Princess of all supernatural beings. Well most of the supernatural beings expect...

ducky_monster commented on Impulse (Published) - Seventeen

oh my gosh I love you *-* you are in my top two favorite writers on wattpad.... I read this all last night and couldn't get over it I need(ed) more so I started on possession and holy poop on a stick ;-; your writing is magical <3 I can't wait on an update! (but I will because I have no other choice)