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Since the demise of inkpop i have taken to transversing the internet without a purpose, no where to read and hopefully edit the works of unsuspecting and (probably) promising authors. 

But huzzah! I have found "wattpad" a new site, new authors to test my skills. 

Hello, i am drowingeditor, drowing in a sea of horrible books and cliched premises. Pleased to meet your acquaintance.  

Please if you have a novel i would love to read it, my dream after all is bringing lovely novels like: Jane Eyre, Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice into the world.

Note: I will not, will not go easy on your work. If you produce a "Fifty Shades of Grey" i WILL destroy you.

Pleasantly signing off,



How to: Write like an amateur author

How to: Write like an amateur author

6 parts / 6 pages, updated Sep 07, 2013G
Some say this is a tale of seduction... Wrong. This is a tale of an editor tired of authors not knowing how to write basic English (this sentence is a... read more
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Because I Love You. (Rough Draft)

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