-I'm a girl

-i love art

-crazy O_O

-wattpad addict

-love music♪

*I'm slowly learning how to improve as a writer

*Music i like :
Three Days Grace
The Fray
My Chemical Romance
Black Eyed Peas
Imagine Dragons
Linkin Park
Weird Al
Boys like girls
And more.....
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    I'm underwater, or in the air - in a book I go everywhere
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Echoing Words (ON HOLD*sorry*)

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Description: Some people have dreams or nightmares or visions that are repeated in their state of sleep every night. But ever since that kiss I hear voices talking and answering from unowned beings. The curse bestowed on him made sure he would never find tru...

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You Failed to See Me But Not My Creation

You Failed to See Me But Not My Creation

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You look at me everyday but fail to see what I have hidden, my beautiful lie and perfect creation is wha...

I Am Proud to Be Me

I Am Proud to Be Me

78 7 2

You are you no matter what,be a person you're proud to be,every minute of every day!

That's Not Me

That's Not Me

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The mistakes I've made have cost me dearly. No one knows that I left right in front of their eyes, she l...

Poisonous Heart

Poisonous Heart

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If you had a poisonous heart,filled with aggression and pain would you ask for help not knowing if it wo...

dramatic247 commented on Gabriel - |chp. 5|

        "How forward of you," the alpha's brother spat, his eyes dark. I wasn't sure what he meant. There was no other place to sit, and I had been forced to come to this dinner. If I wasn't...
I bet that's the Alpha Female's rightful seat
dramatic247 commented on Taking Whats His - Chapter Eight.

I felt my heart break at the sight of my mum. I could see that she had truly loved my dad and he had broken her heart. I had thought that I was ready to hear everything my mum had to say but as she c...
The word 'had' and 'had been' are used frequently in odd places to the point where the flow of the book is broken up