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If you got me to choose a film, I would probably choose a Transformer film over a rom-com. 
If you told me to choose book or film, I would choose book. 
If you got me to choose between a Michael Morpurgo or Twilight series, I'd choose Michael Morpurgo under a second. 
If you told me to choose between Michael Morpurgo and Alex Rider, I'd choose Alex Rider. 
If you told me to choose between Alex Rider and Percy Jackson, it's Percy Jackson.
If you got me to choose between Percy Jackson and The hunger Games, I'd just about choose the Hunger Games.
If you told me to Choose between Harry Potter or the Hunger Games I'd choose Harry Potter. 

I live in a jungle :D at least I want to.

My favourite ever quote!!! :
"To the well organised mind, death is nothing but the next great adventure." :')
And obviously an Alus Dumbledore :D

More random facts if you're bothered to read them:
-LOVE chocolate
-I am a Doctor Who, Merlin and Sherlock fan :D
-I play the piano
-I like to draw
-I like sports
-I think Borris bikes are cool
-I don't like awkward situations
-my favourite words are: mingle, awkward and eerie
-I like cooking. It's fun.
-I think shakespeare is genius. :D
-I think that paper can be scary sometimes. It can give you paper cuts :/
-I am the middle child
-I love Adele, Katy Perry, My chemical romance and Guns'N'Roses. :D a wide mixture.
-The first word that always comes to mind when you tell me to think of a random word is Cheese or Cheesecake. I'm not exactly sure why...
Well, have fun wherever you are around the world :D 

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