Well, Here I am trying to carve out an amazing future as a word-smith. With determination, creativity, your help and some spare time I am SURE I will get there.   
My name is Ian, I'm from the beautiful New Zealand.  I only have six adorable kids - is that enough?  I am also a Christian.
I love to read and support others with the same vein as I.  Life is NOT a box of chocolates.  It's true that you never know what you're goin'a get; but you can certainly work towards something that truly inspires you.  Something you want to become.

My key secret is that you need to edit, and re-edit.  It might take 100 times, but keep working it.  A diamond was once just a drab rock, until a master jeweler saw its potential and worked it.
I have already written a childrens' story that you can sample here at 
http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/30854 . This version is in the first person, however I am working through - re-editing and uploading the original version to wattpads.  The original version was always in the third person.  I'd love to have your votes and advice.
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The Girl That Was Buried In Her Ball Gown

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Description: How could one evening at the junior high school ball turn into something completely unexpected. When something goes terribly wrong, what will happen to a young girl who's world has been turned upside down? Who can she turn to, who can she trust?...

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Ian’s feeling disappointed! I know how many of my eBook ‘Origins Halloween’ have been downloaded, but I’ve only had 1 review!  (Thanks John) So here’s a deal, not to be repeated! Go to http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/483080 and download it for FREE with coupon FT76S. If you review it on either Smashwords.com or goodreads.com/dotandtittle (good or bad, any review will do!) before 1st Dec then I will put your name in the draw to WIN the CD of ‘Origins Halloween’ AND my softcover book (a real book!) ‘Under the Ocean.’ NB a review in both places gets you TWO entries! Even if it’s the same review.
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Here’s the trailer http://vimeo.com/107773981 Please share!
dotandtittle commented on Life and Its Twists - 2012

. . . school in time[;] but you . . . 
Now there is confusion with . . . tell her I have homework to do so leave . . . Are you telling mum to leave because if you are it's pretty rude the way you've said it eg . . . .I have homework to do so LEAVE[!] or, . . . I have homework to do.  Can you leave?  Is much more polite and doesn't shock the reader into thinking 'boy this girl has attitude problems.'  I'll keep reading tomorrow to see if I can conjure a cover for you.  Bye!
Hi everyone, you only have a few more hours left of Origins Halloween on wattpad as it will be permanently removed in favour of a downloadable eBook AND AudioBook on smashwords.  Follow the link here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/483080 purchase it and enter coupon code FL88H and you can have it for free - but only if you do a review on it (on smashwords, with lots of stars PLEASE!) and download it before Nov 10th.  Thanks for your awesome support!