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Greetings, my minions! Muhahaha!!

I'm Lydia—I like books (obviously) and although I some times enjoy writing, I suck at making an interesting plot line! Haha.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF WEIRDNESS!! Bare with me if you can :)

“That’s all folks!”


Playing The Player

Playing The Player

10 parts / 12 pages, updated Dec 07, 2013PG-13
Revenge; the perfect plan right? Jess Lewis thought so. After all, how hard could it be to avenge your best friend after being cheated on by the school player? Not quit... read more
6,333 reads votes 153 comments 40
The American Ninja

The American Ninja

8 parts / 15 pages, updated Mar 03, 2013PG-13Video
Most girls Gemma's age would rather be at the mall, hair salon, ect. Not Gemma Karr, she'd much rather be be a ninja. So, what happens when your seventee... read more
1,282 reads votes 80 comments 48
Her Suicide

Her Suicide

5 parts / 3 pages, updated Mar 02, 2013Completed
Audrey Gray is messed up, unfix able, beyond repair. With her sister constantly criticizing her, and her unloving mother, and, worst of all, Tristan Cooper. The kid who has be... read more
3,811 reads votes 104 comments 28
Nerd Vs. Nerd; It's On! [Not To Be Continued]

Nerd Vs. Nerd; It's On! [Not To Be Continued]

8 parts / 11 pages, updated Nov 17, 2012Completed
Avory Krest is enjoying life as a nerd. That is until McKenna Tylers, Avory's worst enemy, marches in and declares herself a nerd. But why would... read more
1,144 reads votes 51 comments 27
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Six Feet Under The Stars (All Time Low Fanfic)

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@SochesRule28 Thanks, I'm so glad you like my stories! And I am continuing this story -- but my life is kinda busy so I update when I can. I think...
Playing The Player

I want Kaden and Anna to be together so bad, man!
The Red Bride (ON HOLD)

Update :)
You, Me & Bree

This story is really great so far (: Just wanted to say it reminds me of The Perks of Being A Wallflower
You, Me & Bree

LLLLLEEEEEEXXXXXIIIIIIII! U never write on wattpad anymore! You are a good writer! Anyways...carry on ;)
Six Feet Under The Stars (A...

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