Here's a bit about me! (And some other random stuff!)

    ˙ʍouʞ plnoɥs no⅄ ˙pɹᴉǝʍ ɯ,I

            I love dogs! Have a chihuahua ;D

            I won't tell you my real name... but call me "Dip"
 To all of my fans out there, this is for you:http://ilikeyourface.com/

                ANYTHING chocolate flavored will get my attention, chocoholic and proud
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|__|__|     nomnomnom ( >  ^-^   <)

 My Birthday is on April 4th which means I AM AN ARIES!      

                     I've got long black hair which I'm pretty proud of and boring brown eyes :P


      My friends/epic people: @manirox @Averox @kaitzishere @searchmenot36 @dedication_kills & @cold_lady19 --  but she just doesn't know it ;)

LOVE APPLE! (But my favorite fruit is lychee)

                    ~Pastimes: reading, writing, YouTube: PewDiePie, danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, IISuperwomanII, jacksfilms, communitychannel etc.~

                  I don't have glasses, only fake ones
  I  have an obsession with mustaches... :-{) 
        Not a fan of 1D or JB... Sorry, please don't hurt me
        I have a second account with some o' my besties: @The3Musketerinas

      I get a lot of nightmares :'(

         (+'.'+)      Copy and paste Mr. Bunny
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 Comment "hug" if you read the above and you're 

AND LASTLY, it would mean the world to me (seriously)  if you would come check out one of my stories.... THANK YOU!
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Power Within (slowly rewriting)

Social data: 32.6K reads. 796 votes. 273 comments.

Description: Olivia Patterson isn't your average teenager. With her powers on the way, she does not know what to expect. But it's a matter of trust. Who can she believe in and who can she not? This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents e...

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the Top 10 Golden Must Reads

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Place of No Return (on hold)

Place of No Return (on hold)

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As usual, I will make covers or posters for free if you need any, just inbox me :) 

H A P P Y  W A T T P A D I N G
HAPPY HOLIDAYS/HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I sincerely hope you get a lot done this year and grow as a person, and spend lots of time with your loved ones!

My goals for this year are simple.

-- I want to finish either "Place of No Return" or "Be Careful What You Wish For"
-- Complete rewriting "Power Within" and come up with a stronger ending
--  Covers, covers, covers! I want to improve as a "graphic designer" and make my covers more professional and likeable
-- Learn new vocab, my works seem like they're written for 4 year olds. No biggie. I'll fix 'em

I hope I can make some great changes and I wish all of you an awesome, awesome year! 

We have a lot ahead of us ;)