Hey, I see you happen to be perving on my page... Awesome!
My name is Beth, I'm a pessimistic, seventeen year old girl from the UK who happens to like writing more than anything. Other than tea, because that is my life.
My nick-names consist of Beth, Bethy, Beffany and cuddlebear. The last one is only allowed to be used by my boyfriend, so please don't call me that :))))
I like dogs.
I don't really know what else to say here, other than if you'd like to help me write I'd be more than happy work with anyone c:
I love everyone by the way, so yeah. Don't be afraid to ask me anything c:

To Hide and To Seek - Book 4 in the 'The Rough and The Reckless' series 
Falling for the Fallen
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To Hide and To Seek [Book 4, BoyxBoy]

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Description: After a house party left the Greenwood house in shambles, Izazya's sanity has slowly began to deteriorate. HE was supposed to be the one in danger, HE was supposed to be the one who was coping well... He was the one who was meant to protect Joseph G...

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Falling For The Fallen

Falling For The Fallen

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Courtney Hardy was an average girl; good grades, nice family, friends. Not unpopular, but not too popula...



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Fire Starter [Book 2, BoyxBoy]

Fire Starter [Book 2, BoyxBoy]

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Something's can go bad, something's can go good, but one thing is for sure; with Joe and Izazya, you nev...



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Last night was kind of an eye-opener for me; I realised that in the past 4 years of this writing experience here on Wattpad I haven't really made any cool friends from the site. I had a lot of fun last night talking to people with common interests after I got over the initial 'I'm almost eighteen I don't have time to meet new people' which was complete bullshit, but in my mind made sense at the time. I now realise that there are a LOT of cool people here and I'm making it my mission to get to know people. That is all.
Finally updated the next chapter and I've had quite a few ideas recently. Watch this space, amigos. It's gonna get good.
Finally getting back on track with writing, just gotta get through the next few months. I'm focusing more on my new work and editing more than I am the series that I've been writing for forever.
Reason for this:
1. Although the series has gained me quite a lot of popularity - and I thank you perverts who enjoy those books very much for that - I do want to be known for more than BxB writing.
2. I'd like to write a book that I can actually publish... idk how well the series would sell in the real world, despite the growing poularity/demand for it on Wattpad.
3. I want to challenge myself. The BxB books are becoming a little tiresome and I'd like a change of scene after 2 years straight of writing just those.
I once again thank all of you for helping with my continuing success with those books and hope I can prove as good of an author in the next book I'm writing. Please give it a chance?
When reading my newest work that I've begun, I realise why no one is reading it.
There wasn't fake tan in 1401.