I love reading and I'm a tough critic on books. If the story doesn't grab me immediately then you can forget about me reading anymore. I'm more of a writer, I love writing, it's my favorite thing to do.

I'm ** years old... I don't give out my personal information because I've actually took those cyber awareness things to heart. Too many people are getting stalked nowadays. That stuff is private and off limits, but I will tell you that my name is Nikki. I like older music, it is the best kind. I like music of my own generation as well which is older music to the newer generation.

I try to respond to everyone who contacts me on here. Don't be afraid to leave a comment. Messaging me personally is a bad idea because I can't seem to keep up with it. I'm a friendly person and I try my best not to have a bad side, even when people try to upset me on purpose.

My books can be very graphic, but hey, so is life! 

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Description: Charlotte Jackson may be rich, but her life is hardly a breeze. Her father is marrying a young gold digger name Chanel who hates Charlotte and wants her out of their life, Charlotte is only seventeen and is running a company, and let's not get start...

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Hello my name is Ash and I just got done reading your 'His Mistakes' Like really I just got done reading it. I'm a little concerned because it's only one chapter and completed and it's no longer on your works. Could you please maybe put it back up and update it some more thanks 

snehavira posted a message to dbookjunkie
@dbookjunkie I m nearly dying to read your His mistakes... Isnt there an archive of your story... I m so addicted to it... I read it almost every month... I never get bored of it... please please please please try and get it from somewhere.... there must be some back up where u must hav stored it!!! Please I beg get it back on wattpad....!! I m dying to read it again :'(
jasecocapoo posted a message to dbookjunkie
If you don't mind me asking, what happened to "His Mistakes"? From the sound of it, it vanished and I have tried finding it with no success. It was a great book and had an admirable plot line and your characters were very well represented. If you deleted the book, although I personally wish you would put it back up, it is obviously your decision and if you lost the book, try seeing if there are prior versions or something. If it was deleted on wattled, obviously email/contact the Wattpad community or support. I really hope to see it again someday because I miss the plot already!
Madison_Lare posted a message to dbookjunkie
@dbookjunkie. OMG I can't believe someone would do that! I love your book ( playing for the enemy) i can't read it in my library but in my favorites it's still there! Hope you can retrieve all your book! Praying for the best! 
cute_kianna posted a message to dbookjunkie
I hope you can get his mistakes back soon. It was my favorite to read. Whenever i cant think of something to read i would always read his mistakes over and over again. Its my favorite type of book. Like not knowing u had a child only to find out few years later.