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I don't even know why I'm writing this, but I guess I'm really bored.

First of all...


And of course, ice cream.

I love writing.

I love daydreaming.

I love sleeping.

I love reading.

I love eating.

Do I need to go on?

But first I have an advise...

Cream soda+Ice cream=HEAVEN



I know what I wrote was not quite entertainig, but if you are still interested, read on.

My Favourites...

-Annoying people

-doing sports (except for volleyball, cause everytime I try, my hands start hurting like hell)

-rapping along songs

-going on the internet

-saying 'bleep' instead of swear words

Nowadays, I like to help people edit their work and write lyrics. If you need my help, please just comment below!



and I support gay people.




Broken Shards

Broken Shards

2 pages, updated Jan 25, 2012GVideoPictures
Jenny Jennings-the ice queen, the one who everybody knows but don't talk to. She's cold and b*tchy, but worst of all, she's gorgeous. Determined to break through her walls, ... read more
259 reads votes 15 comments 15
Drifting Minds

Drifting Minds

4 parts / 7 pages, updated Oct 04, 2011G
Well, this is my collection of rough drafts and yeah, it includes quite a lot of genres, So click here and read if you're bored!
399 reads votes 37 comments 26
I Love You This Much

I Love You This Much

1 page, updated Aug 25, 2011GVideoCompleted
MESSAGE TO ALL GIRLS: If your mother have cancer, then read this to her. If you ever lost a mother, then treasure your father. If it still hurts after she's gone, then click on this link, go on, for love is all we need, to survive this fall indeed.
696 reads votes 50 comments 57

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It's really touching. Great story and plot!
The Alphas' Mating (ON HOLD)

@HorusEagle ThAnks for commenting!
Broken Shards

@bunnycupcake Thanks. I know it's a little bit cliche, but I hope you enjoyed it though. Sorry for my horrible grammar, it's my fatal flaw.
Broken Shards

Kind of different to what I usually read, but interesting in a new way. Keep it on!

@Mysterious_Writer you're welcome! =)
Broken Shards

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