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Description: First try at writing.. Last year at school...a place where Maira Sen spent 12 years of her life,made friends and enemies,where she had fight and many many apologies, aplace where she discovered who she really was. Now when the time has come to count...

cool16yeahimtoo commented on As Long As I Live - Journey To Recovery

How dare you Aamir....calling Gaurav stupid and psycho!! He is such a darling you stupid man! Mayra is truelly an apt description of an Indian woman, Pativrata naari....however sad that may be! 
      One thing this chapter cleared was that aamir got to know about her innocence way before her accident...i kept thinking that it must have been the day or one before the accident!
      Flashbacks of Mayra are heartbreaking, but the flashbacks of Aamir's paralysis are more saddening!! It more is heart touching to see someone repenting and having no clue how to go about it, than seeing someone suffering..it is so for me ,i don't know why! 
      This chapter was super awesome ...it had that i need in one- Aamir's jealousy, bit of flashback, role of Gaurav! I wish for a man like Farhan to be every girl's father-in-law!
      Loved this chapter..oddly it made me really happy!!
      Love you!!